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Verona is the provincial capital of the Italian province with the similar name located on Lake Garda. The place has got a very long history. Hypothetically it was founded by the Euganei but later it was owned by the Romans. The Roman emperor Augustus founded Verona as a colony. Nowadays this city is very colorful and popular with tourists as there are many historical and cultural sights here.

Verona is a perfect place for many tourists as it is located just in a few kilometers from the city of Venice. So, a trip there is a must in any case once you are in Verona. Besides, Verona is located close to Lake Garda - that means that you can have an excellent rest there during the season. But if you do not want to swim in the lake, then you might be interested in the culture of Verona. You can go on an excursion to the Roman Theatre or San Pietro Castel or make a visit to a large old castle that is located on Verona plateau. It is also highly recommended to visit a monastery Santuario della Madonne di Lourdes in Verona. It has always interested tourists from all over the world. Besides, a special attraction of Verona is the amphitheatre that is more than 2,000 years old.

The Italians adore delicious food and in the Verona province you will find a great number of various culinary delicacies. The traditional culinary delicacies of Verona are Potato Dumplings and Gnocchi. You should also taste bean soup and horse meat that are also very popular in Verona. The cuisine of the city is characterized by an excellent quality. The Veronese try to do all their best to make their guest feel as if they are at home. They try to satisfy every wish of tourists. As a holiday-maker, you can also relax in one of the local restaurants or numerous cafés.


Hilton Garden Inn hotel will be opened in Venice
The new hotel in Venice provides a business center, two rooms fully equipped with the conference facilities, free Wi-Fi Internet access, a fitness center, an open air pool, an elegant sitting area, several restaurants and bars.
66th Venice Film Festival
On September 2 2009 on the island of Lido will be opened the 66th International Venice Film Festival, which will be held at the Palazzo del Cinema.
Festa del Redentore in Venice
At 23.30 the sky over Venice will explode with fantastically beautiful fireworks. During the Redentore Venice’s canals are full of beautiful boats, which Venetians adorn with sparkling garlands and balloons.