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The Italian region of Veneto, including the Veneto Province, is an excellent choice to spend your holiday there. There are many beautiful places and provinces here. The city of Mel is situated in the Belluno Province about 15 km from the same provincial capital.

During a first tour the magnificent old town astonishes. It enchants the visitors again and again. There are many magnificent historic buildings here such as palaces and villas that survived from the Renaissance and the Baroque period. Among all those sights the Baroque Church and the “dell ‘Addolorata” Church can be singled out. They both are drawn in many pictures, including the pictures by Andrea Schiavone and Cesare Vecellio. Then the baptismal font from the Renaissance period can be discovered. You should also visit the town hall “Municipio di Mel” there are fascinating colorful frescoes and paintings in it. “Papa Piazza Albino Luciani” is also a very special place. It is used as a meeting place or a place for city festivals. In addition to the city center some far-scattered settlements with the church that was built on ancient wall remains, belong to Mel. This way the holiday in and around Mel is a versatile event. There is always something to discover here.

There is a great variety of accommodation and apartments in and around the city. Everyone can find an apartment here where he/she can relax after a long day. The river Piave River also determines the position of the city. It is surrounded by smaller towns that create the rural character of the area. these places are Follina, Santa Giustina, Sedico, Trichiana, Valdobbiadene and others. They also are worth visiting and promise an unforgettable trip.


Hilton Garden Inn hotel will be opened in Venice
The new hotel in Venice provides a business center, two rooms fully equipped with the conference facilities, free Wi-Fi Internet access, a fitness center, an open air pool, an elegant sitting area, several restaurants and bars.
66th Venice Film Festival
On September 2 2009 on the island of Lido will be opened the 66th International Venice Film Festival, which will be held at the Palazzo del Cinema.
Festa del Redentore in Venice
At 23.30 the sky over Venice will explode with fantastically beautiful fireworks. During the Redentore Venice’s canals are full of beautiful boats, which Venetians adorn with sparkling garlands and balloons.