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Beilun Province (Belluno)

The northern Italian province of Beilun (Belluno) in the Venice region offers some interesting possibilities for vacation for every holiday season. It can boast with the Dolomites framed landscape, the largest glacier in the Eastern Alps, the impressive Marmolata rising up to the altitude of 3343 m. The province of Beilun (Belluno) is separated from the Trentino region by the Sesto Dolomites. The Dolomites offer excellent winter sports holidays, especially Cortina d'Ampezzo in the north of the valley. Staying here in the winter accommodation it seems impossible even to become active, but there is also the opportunity to see sports events of the world level, for example, the World Cup in Bobsledding or the FIS alpine skiing World cup, which can be watched closer than anywhere else.

The exclusive atmosphere of this resort impresses each tourist. The enchanting area around this place has often served as a movie backdrop. The eponymous capital of the province is also worth visiting. The historic centre is located on a 383-metre-high hill and is surrounded by two streams. One of the most popular sights is the cathedral of the 7th century. You can also enjoy a splendid view of the Piave Valley from the Piazza Castello after the Domplatz. Even nowadays, after the conservation of the rail road 45 years ago, it can still be used as a bicycle cross-country track or a long-distance ski track in winter. For art lovers there is also located Piere di Cadore - the birthplace of Titian that is still visited. The eyeglasses museum in the city is a so-called place-one-should-never-pass-by. In the municipality of Mel is located the baroque church and a part of the Roman fortress. In the large settlements there are also small churches with ancient foundations which are interesting to visit.


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