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Porto Viro

Porto Viro is situated in the Italian province of Rovigo and is found in the nice surroundings. Big pine woods around Rosolina Mare, gentle hills, fertile land which is located close to the sea as well as isolated villages and farms move the visitor into a pleasant holiday feeling. Administratively the place is rather young. Its history began 13 years ago as it originated from the union of the districts of Donada and Contarina in 1995. However, the history of these two regions goes back far. People started to settle here some centuries before our era started.

There are two local museums situated in the territory of Porto Viro which tell a part of the history. These are on the one hand the "Museo della Corte di Ca` Cappello ", on the other hand, "Museo delle Api". The guests from far and near will always remember their visit to these museums.

But even more exciting and more vivid historical lessons can be got from a walk by the historical buildings, villas and palaces, farmhouses and dwelling houses. The churches in Porto Viro are the places of silence, on the one hand; on the other hand, they are architectural masterpieces, which interior is wonderfully decorated.

The guests are offered different lodgings here. The holiday apartments are especially comfortable as they contribute to the success of a restful vacation. However the sports and leisure possibilities are unlimited here as well.

Visitors interested in culture and art will surely appreciate one of the regular concerts of the local music groups. A trip to Porto Viro will especially be fulfilled with the arrangements of "Coro polifonico di Porto Viro" as well as for younger guests of "Banda musicale cittadina".

One can also recognize the relationship of Veneto to Tuscany by the surroundings of Porto Viro. After some time you spend in this marvelous place, the dream of visiting Porto Viro once again will definitely come to your mind.


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