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Chioggia is located in the Veneto region in the Italian province of Venice. It is also known as “Small Venice”. Chioggia is a city with about 51,000 inhabitants. The city was built on wooden poles and it is connected by a stone bridge with the mainland. Corso del Popolo is the main square and the main street at the same time. Its churches, bars, restaurants and shops invite everyone to look in. Piazzetta Vigo located directly on the pier after the Pellestrina ferry is the second major place in Chioggia. The 4-star Grande Italia Hotel is located here.

Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral built in the 11th century, San Domenico church built in the 13th century and San Martino built in the 14th century are the main attractions of Chioggia. A large market, that the tourists especially like to visit, takes place every Thursday on Corso del Popolo. The daily fish market is one of the largest fish markets in Italy. However, it would be easier and more interesting for tourists to visit it if it was of a smaller size. Unfortunately, it is impossible because of the abundance of marine products.

The city of Chioggia was mentioned in the fifth century for the first time. Allegedly being founded by Clodius, Chioggia has a long and intertwined history with Venice. In 1110 it became the bishop’s residence. In 1379 the city was conquered by the Genoese but one year later Venice got it back. Since that time it belonged to the Republic of Venice. In 1797 Venice was occupied by Napoleon and thus Chioggia was under the French administration since that time. In 1798 the city was occupied by Austria. It belonged to the Austrian Empire until 1866. Then it was given back to the young Italian National State.


Hilton Garden Inn hotel will be opened in Venice
The new hotel in Venice provides a business center, two rooms fully equipped with the conference facilities, free Wi-Fi Internet access, a fitness center, an open air pool, an elegant sitting area, several restaurants and bars.
66th Venice Film Festival
On September 2 2009 on the island of Lido will be opened the 66th International Venice Film Festival, which will be held at the Palazzo del Cinema.
Festa del Redentore in Venice
At 23.30 the sky over Venice will explode with fantastically beautiful fireworks. During the Redentore Venice’s canals are full of beautiful boats, which Venetians adorn with sparkling garlands and balloons.