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Venice Province (Venice)

The province of Venice is situated in the most controversial region and is a province full of water ports and buildings. Now sit comfortable and relax. This theme will open all the beauty of the region of Venice. In sunny Italy the province of Venice offers all kinds of places and unforgettable moments, which won’t leave you indifferent to it. The province of Venice has an area of 2,462 sq. km with about 831,000 (as of June 2005) people. It belongs to one of the 7 regions of the Venice, and stretches along the Adriatic coast. The capital of the province is surely Venice with the population of about 270,662 people. This town attracts most people because of its waterways. It is also called a “drowning town” among people as it is slowly going under the Adriatic waters.

Chioggia is, among other things in the province of Venice, one of the most popular sights of the province. This town has a very large sea port and it is also called "Little Venice". This is due to the fact that this city was built on wooden piles and connected with the mainland only by a stone bridge. Not far from the town of Chioggia, there is Lido di Jesolo, which called a tourist city because of its many hotels and apartments. It provides for nearly all the proper accommodation. About 6 million tourists visit Lido di Jesolo every year. Lido di Jesolo is famous for its 12-kilometre-long pedestrian shopping zone in the main season, which is opened daily from 8 a.m.

Since Lido di Jesolo is located not far from Venice, many tourists use this opportunity to find cheaper accommodation, besides, Lido di Jesolo offers camping so it became a secret tradition among German youth to live in these campings.

Portogruaro is not so visited as Jesolo, but maybe it is so attractive mainly for this reason. It offers many attractions including the Fountain of Pila Corte, which was designed in 1494 by the sculptor Giovanni Antonio Corte Pila.


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Chioggia is located in the Veneto region in the Italian province of Venice. It is also known as “Small Venice”. Chioggia is a city...


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The small Italian town Portogruaro lies on the Lemene River about 60 km from Venice. About 25,000 people live in this town nowadays. In the past...

San Michelle al Tagliamento

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Venice is a beautiful city in Italy. Venice is divided into six regions: San Polo, Santa Cannaregio, Castello, San Marco and Dorsoduro and the...


Hilton Garden Inn hotel will be opened in Venice
The new hotel in Venice provides a business center, two rooms fully equipped with the conference facilities, free Wi-Fi Internet access, a fitness center, an open air pool, an elegant sitting area, several restaurants and bars.
66th Venice Film Festival
On September 2 2009 on the island of Lido will be opened the 66th International Venice Film Festival, which will be held at the Palazzo del Cinema.
Festa del Redentore in Venice
At 23.30 the sky over Venice will explode with fantastically beautiful fireworks. During the Redentore Venice’s canals are full of beautiful boats, which Venetians adorn with sparkling garlands and balloons.