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San Michelle al Tagliamento

San Michelle al Tagliamento is the right city for the tourists who adore sunny beaches. This city and the Adriatic coast where it is situated offer much sun, especially in summer. But everyone who wants to spend holidays here will find many other interesting things to do. Especially the region of Bibione has a well-developed tourist industry. There are only 3,000 citizens here but it is visited by many tourists every year. The total number of San Michelle al Tagliamento citizens is 12,000. It is a perfect city for holiday-makers to look for accommodation. Besides, this small city can accept very many tourists. Up to half million tourists spend their vacation in San Michelle al Tagliamento. There is also a great number of affordable apartments and holiday homes located directly on the Adriatic coast in addition to the hotels of almost all classes and designs. The admirers of camping will also have an excellent vacation here.

A major attraction of San Michelle al Tagliamento is the weekly market. It takes place every Tuesday in Luna Park. Here you’ll find almost everything your culinary heart desires, starting with fish, cheese and salami. You can be sure that you’ll be able to buy almost everything you need here. It also should be noted that many people of the region know the German language. You will always meet a lot of Germans spending their vacation in the region. However, there are more and more tourists from such countries like Ireland and Poland here within each year.

With the help of excavations and soil studies it was proved that this place was under water in the past. During the Roman Empire times San Michelle al Tagliamento was almost completely surrounded by water. Only a small lagoon led to the mainland. The San Michelle al Tagliamento resort is highly recommended for young families. The beautiful cities invite for swimming and different games.


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