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Landscapes in Venice

Venice is situated in northern Italy on the Adriatic Sea and offers a great range of opportunities for the vacations. The namesake of this landscape is Venice, the capital of the province of Venice and the Venice region. Known as "the pearl of the Adriatic" it is situated directly in the lagoon of Venice and was built about 1000 years ago on approximately 150 small islands and today this unique city, therefore, is falling under threat. The narrow channels and countless small bridges turn the capital of the Venice into a true pedestrian paradise. Visiting this interesting city with its countless sights should not be avoided during the holiday in the northern Italy. The variety of landscapes in Venice is unbelievable. The area extends from the high mountains (Marmolata 3342m) of the huge and bizarre mountain massifs of the Dolomites region with glaciers to deep and mysterious lakes such as Lake Misurina and over the mountain villages in the Val di Cadore in Belluno. Because of the winter sports the world-famous village of Cortina d'Ampezzo is also a popular tourist destination. You can also enjoy the Venetian countryside with its unique and rich historical past.

The famous lake stretches in the west of Venice and attracts streams of tourists every year. Also in the south the landscape of Venice has a lot to offer. At the foot of the Euganean hills in the south of Padua are located the natural hot springs and Montegrotto Albano, which have been used in Roman times. Moving further to the south down to the Adriatic Rovigo you will find the very rich ruins and villas which prove the richness of the Roman period. Not only Venice but also such cities as Verona and Vicenza offer interesting experience.

Adriatic coast

What can be more popular tourist destination and more beautiful than the famous Adriatic coast in the heart of the Venice? Where are recreation...

The Cadore

The Cadore is situated in the Belluno province. It is in the vicinity of Cortina and includes the towns of San Vito, Borca, and Vodo Cibiana di...

The Dolomites

If going between the Italian region of Trentino-Alto Adige and Venice you will find the mountains of the Dolomites. The highest mountain in this...

The Euganean hills

The Euganean hills are located near Padua in northern Italy and are surrounded by the Po Valley. They got their appearance on the basis of...

The Lake Garda

The Lake Garda is one of the most beautiful regions of the Venice. What impresses here is not only the beautiful landscape of the whole region or...

The Po Delta

The Po Delta is one of the most extraordinary and attractive landscapes in Venice. The entire area is a combination of country and water....

The Venice Lagoon

At the northern end of the Adriatic there is the lagoon of Venice, wedged between the Italian mainland and the open sea. Its existence must be...


Hilton Garden Inn hotel will be opened in Venice
The new hotel in Venice provides a business center, two rooms fully equipped with the conference facilities, free Wi-Fi Internet access, a fitness center, an open air pool, an elegant sitting area, several restaurants and bars.
66th Venice Film Festival
On September 2 2009 on the island of Lido will be opened the 66th International Venice Film Festival, which will be held at the Palazzo del Cinema.
Festa del Redentore in Venice
At 23.30 the sky over Venice will explode with fantastically beautiful fireworks. During the Redentore Venice’s canals are full of beautiful boats, which Venetians adorn with sparkling garlands and balloons.