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The Cadore

The Cadore is situated in the Belluno province. It is in the vicinity of Cortina and includes the towns of San Vito, Borca, and Vodo Cibiana di Cadore. All are lying in the height of 800-1000 meters above the sea level. The Piave is flowing through the valley of Cadore. The Cadore temporarily belonged to Austria, then to Venice. The constant back-and-forth domination of Austria and Italy has left its mark until today. The residents still speak Ladin. But the desire for its own independence can’t probably be still realized. Therefore, most residents are for joining with the autonomous South Tyrol. The most famous son of Cadore is the fighter for freedom Pietro Calvi who led the uprising for the independence from Austria.

The places in Cadore are mainly set for tourism. The skiing in winter and hiking in summer by the vacationers are of the utmost importance for the regional economy. So the ski resorts are high enough to provide themselves with snow. The tracks are in the outstanding condition from December to March. Only the city of San Vito has several chair lifts in a 14km ski area. If that is not enough, you can visit the nearby Cortina with more famous ski runs of all levels of difficulty which cover 140km of tracks in average. The ski resorts are interconnected by ski buses.

In summer the Cadore convinces the holiday makers with beautiful hiking trails in the face of the Dolomites. No matter if you are using the old roads of the Dolomites or tough climbing routes you will definitely enjoy an unspoilt nature of this beautiful region. Lodging can be found in a typical small places of Cadore. Whether cottage or apartment - just select what you like. Travel into Cadore are ideal recreation for any nature friend. At any time of the year the Cadore is still a secret place.


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